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The Spirit World
So where is this place we call the Spirit World? Well it's not a physical place as we know it, in fact the Spirit World is all around us, it's not a place high up in the clouds or down below the earth, It's a world of energy, a higher vibration and you cannot destroy energy, it's ever lasting that's why when we leave our physical bodies, we live on, but on a higher vibration. The best way to describe passing over is to think of ourselves as a caterpillar crawling along life's long road, being bogged down by the pressures of the earth, and then a few days before we pass over or as I call it going home, we become the chrysalis and then when we pass over we become free, as free as the butterfly, free from the earthly trappings, the freedom of spirit.

The best way to describe "vibration" as in regards to the spirit world, spirit are on a higher vibration than us, that's why it's hard sometimes for us to see without tuning in. It's a bit like an airplane propeller, when it is still we can see it clearly, Very solid, but when it speeds up it becomes very hard to see, barley visible at times, but because we cannot see it doesn't mean it Isn't there, this is very similar in principle to how spirit are, the faster or higher the vibration the harder they are to see. Every thing in the universe is a vibration, some low some high, and all things that are solid are of a low vibration, just like the computer desk you're sitting at right now. You can read more about vibrations on the Auras page.

Although the spirit world is not a physical place it is very real to the spirit people who reside there, just like the earth plane is real to us and the same goes for spirit people they see our world, the earth plane as the non reality.
What is it like in the spirit world, well no one can really answers this question 100% the only way we have an idea what it's like is if we speak with our loved ones or guides and they pass on there description. I suppose it's like us when we describe our world we all have our own perceptions of it, so each account would be different, some would describe the earth as a beautiful and wonderful place and others might see it as a place of hate and anger. What I do know for sure is that spirit do not use time as we do as they have no need for it.

How do spirit people view our world, the earth, well this is a little easier to explain, from my own experiences and other people I've spoken with, spirit seem to see and feel our world as heavy and slow, like watching an old movie in slow motion this could be due to the lower vibrations of the earth maybe?

I came to this conclusion from experiences known as OBEs (Out Of Body Experiences), this is when the soul or spirit leaves the body. When I leave my body I first get a feeling of paralysis and a loud buzzing in my ears, to be honest I find this unpleasant and disturbing, now some doctors or psychologist might explain this as Sleep Paralysis which is a real phenomena and is the body's way of protecting you from acting out your dreams, although not all, which is why you hear of sleep walking. Although I did have only one experience where I was suddenly out my body and it felt quite pleasant and peaceful.
So how do I know this is not what happens to me, well I don't, except for a couple of things, during these experiences I have heard voices and seen many spirit people, ok so the doctor would then say "your hallucinating" which it could well be, but how can I hallucinate spirit people who I've never seen before and hear their names and other info and when I check it for accuracy it's correct, now that's not an hallucination!

The best way to describe how spirit see our world is, it's like walking under water and everything seems very slow and loud, I say loud in the sense of my hearing and senses seem to be extremely sensitive. It feels hard to move like your feet are stuck in mud, maybe that's why spirit have such a hard time trying to communicate, I know I would in those circumstances. That's why if your loved one has recently passed over and for some reason doesn't communicate
it's because they are getting used to their new surroundings and not because they don't hear you or want to communicate.

Spirit are forever trying to communicate with us to prove their existents which is why sometimes it can take us a while, even years to develop the skill of communication with spirit, we need to adjust to their vibration and theirs to ours, That's why most spirit communicators (mediums) have Indian spirit guides or guides that are really old, that's because they have had the time in spirit to adjust to their conditions and vibrations and they find it easy. Which brings me to the next section is it a gift?
Is It A Gift?
Is it a gift? well the answer to that is NO, We all have the ability within us, we are all the same, we are all made from the same energy, we have a spirit, we all laugh, cry, bleed and smile. Personally any mediums or psychics who claim to have god gifted abilities are generally the ones to avoid.

So why do some seem to be born with it? Well the reason is people who seem to be born with the ability have not just been given a gift as some people call it, it's just they have developed the ability which we can all do, maybe in a past life or many past lives or while learning in the spirit world, spiritual learning can be many life times, maybe they were a medium or spiritual teacher in a past life. Even when we come back to earth, when we are born we have that ability, as children, we have imaginary friends or not so imaginary, most children who have these friends are actually speaking and playing with spirit, we tend to lose this ability when we start our first school, from teachers and other kids saying "don't be so silly, there's no one there" and this shuts it off.

The problem is we all, including myself get so wrapped up in our lives with work, home, children and every day problems etc, but that's good that's what we are here for, to live our lives and that`s what it's about, but if you want to develop you need to set aside some quiet time for yourself, even if it's just 5 minutes a day, just sit and send thoughts to spirit. This quiet time is important, we need to quiet down our minds and relax our bodies so we can perceive the subtle vibrations from spirit.
Here's an exercise that will help...

This exercise can be done almost anywhere and only takes a few minutes, but preferably sitting down you can even do it on the bus on they way to work.

Start by closing your eyes and focus your attention on your feet, now imagine a white light or whatever colour makes you feel most relaxed at the bottom of your feet and when you breathe in, breathe in through you nose and while inhaling bring the coloured light up to you knees and then breathe out through you mouth, next inhale and bring the coloured light up to your hips, then up to your shoulders as you breathe in and then your head.

Then all you do is repeat the process from the head down, but this time bring the colour down when you breathe out, so it's the head to the shoulders, shoulders to the hips, hips to the knees and finally your knees to you feet.
Heaven & Hell?
My personal belief based on my knowledge and knowledge from my spirit guide, is that heaven and hell are names that have been given to the spirit world (heaven) and earth (hell). It's really nothing more than this, when we come to earth from spirit we are here to learn and develop and if we don't learn lessons in this life we will come back in the next life to continue our learning.

You will probably hear a lot of people say "you've done this wrong and this wrong and your going to hell" this DOESN'T mean when you pass over you will end up in a place of fire and evil, It simply means that you will more than likely come back to earth to put right what you did wrong in the past life, lets say for example someone who passes over was always cruel to animals, then perhaps when they return to earth they will more than likely work with animals, maybe a vet or animal healer to pay back for what they did in the previous life, of course this is just an example, and an easier way to explain what happens.

Just another point to cover people often ask me when we pass over do we lose our physical disabilities, "YES of course" I reply,  as it's only the physical body that is effected by disabilities then I get the question "well how come when I saw my grandfather in spirit who was in a wheel chair when on the earth plane is still in a wheelchair in spirit?" This is simply so you can recognise them they do this to show it's them, if you didn't see them like that you may not recognise them.