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Psychic & Spiritual Protection
I've included this section because I feel it's the most important part of psychic/spiritual development and is often overlooked and neglected as part of development. The negative side of development should be made aware of too. This section is not intended to frighten you or put you off development, I'm just being honest and feel these things should be made aware of.

There are two sides to everything in life good and bad and the same goes for the spirit world, when pass over we don't suddenly become all holy and angelic, our personalities stay pretty much the same, if we were jokers and loved to play tricks on the earth plane then chances are when we pass over we will continue to do this for a while, playing tricks with people on the earth plane. Although some spirit people who play tricks are not always jokers, most cases are spirit people just trying to make you aware of them, most commonly objects being moved or disappearing altogether, only to turn up a few days later somewhere else.

When we start to develop we start to open ourselves to all kinds of energies and
it's important to protect ourselves before any psychic/spiritual activates and close down after any psychic/spiritual activities to keep us balanced. When developing our auras become brighter and spirit see this brightness and are attracted to it, just like moths around a light bulb. If we don't close down we may experience all kinds of emotional problems, the most common are anxiety, depression and feeling drained.

People seem to think that spirit will physically hurt you, well they can but
it's very, very rare, the protection is not really for that reason, protection is more for your own sanity, if a low vibration spirit gets too close it can effect your thoughts, and if this this is a negative spirit it can make you feel depressed and give you suicidal thoughts, not all negative spirits can make you feel this way though, people who have often taken their own life can make you feel this way too and this is where the danger lies and why protection is important in my opinion.
Here are some negative aspects of development that can be experienced...

Sleep disturbances/Insomnia/Paranoia
Confusion/Depression, feeling suicidal and/or drained of energy
Hearing negative voices (schizophrenia? although I believe that some cases are of a paranormal nature)
Bad smells (normally resembles rotten eggs)
A feeling of being pulled out of bed while asleep especially when developing the ability to Astral project
Physically being pushed.
This is not intended to frighten you or put you off development, I'm just being honest and feel these things should be made aware of and to stress the importance of using psychic protection before and after any psychic/spiritual development. Even if were not developing it's always good to use the exercises below for life in general, to help protect us from negative energies given of by other people. We could look at ourselves as computers and our protection is our firewall, without a firewall our computers are venerable to all kinds of problems.

Always make sure you rule out any health issues first before assuming anything of a psychic/spiritual nature.

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Methods Of Protection
Protection is largely a state of mind if you feel and trust in your method of protection you will be protected, but you have to use some kind of method for the mind to use it, something visual works best as the mind associates with images better, proven through hypnosis. Not only that when we visualise or have thoughts these are sent out into the atmosphere creating what's known as a thought form.

Like with the bubble exercise below we can create this bubble as a thought form that can actually surround us in the atmosphere to keep out any unwanted energies. There's no real practice to this as most of what we think and visualise is created as a thought form and is sent out into the atmosphere without us really knowing. It doesn't matter what type of protection exercise you use as long as you feel comfortable and trust it. You may already have our own but here's two exercises if you should need them.
Meditation: Protective Bubble

Just allow your entire body to rest and relax ... and as you go even deeper all distractions just seem to disappear ... I want you to concentrate on your breathing ... breathing in pure relaxation and exhaling all the tension in the body ... feel all of the tension leaving the chest area as you exhale ... feel yourself relaxing even deeper with each and every out breath easy and effortless and you are relaxing more and more ... and your entire body is completely and totally relaxing as you drift even deeper down with each and every breath …

and you feel a warm wonderful sense of relaxation and going even deeper down ... And you may have noticed that some areas of the body are more easy to relax ... and concentrating on the areas of the body that you find to be the most comfortable, very relaxed and concentrating on these areas now you are recognizing and realizing what there is about those areas that makes you so Comfortable and so very relaxed ... and feeling all the sensations in those areas ... the most relaxed and comfortable parts of your body ... And allowing ... and feeling the comforting sensations of the most relaxed areas of the body begin to spread ... and as this warm wonderful feeling of relaxation spreads to other parts of the body the feeling of relaxation becomes stronger and the relaxation spreads out beyond those areas ... and continuing to spread to all the parts of the body you desire to relax deeper and even deeper …
Picture and imagine the relaxation spreading like the rays of sun ... gently warming and relaxing ... like the rings of water spreading from a pebble tossed into a gentle pond ... and the relaxation spreading to every muscle, cell, fibre and bone in Your body ... and you are enjoying this tranquil and peaceful relaxation in every part of your body ... and with every passing moment this feeling of deep, tranquil and comforting relaxation becomes stronger and every cell, nerve and part of you body knows and enjoys this wonderful sensation ...

and this wonderful feeling now goes out beyond the physical confines on your body ... spreading out beyond the skin to form a protective shield around you ... and you can let this feeling spread far ... far ... beyond your physical body ... or keep it close like a second skin ... And since this protective bubble or shield is your own creation you can do with it what you wish ... you can use this shield in any way you want to ... the uses of this shield are limitless ... it can act as a filter, to filter out those feelings or things going on around you ... and filtering situations that are uncomfortable and allowing you to let in those feelings you wish to let in and experience ... and it can act as an amplifier to help you understand people and to help people understand you ...

And this protective bubble can be invisible or visible to a few people or as many people as you want it to be ... and you are using this protective shield any way you choose to use it ... and that is okay ... because this shield is your own creation ... and you are using this shield and enjoying comfort in every part of your body ... practicing and using this shield ... and allowing it to spread ... and allowing it to go beyond the confines of your physical body ... and you can experiment with it ... making it as large as you like ... using it as a transport to another place or time ... and the more you use it the stronger it becomes. And realizing now that when I awaken you ... you can return to this place of peace, tranquillity and deep relaxation and use this shield any time you desire to do so ... and you are using this shield and feeling the relaxation spread to all the parts of your body.
Visualization: Mirror Technique
Another way to protect ourselves from other peoples negative energy is to send it back with love, Imagine yourself surrounded by white mirrors or whatever colour you feel comfortable with, this way if anyone is sending you bad vibes or thoughts it will be reflected back at them, of course with love and light.
Methods Of Closing Down
Closing down is what we do after any psychic/spiritual work to close of all links and connections with other energies that we have made either consciously or subconsciously. After any kind of development or psychic/spiritual work we should always close down because we will leave ourselves open during normal day to day activities and we can pick up unnecessary energies from our surroundings, other people and other energies that may be around such as spirit energies.

If you use an exercise to open up before you work psychically/spiritually then ideally you should use that same exercise to close down with, for example lets say when you are opening up you imagine a light that comes into the top of your head and goes down to your feet, then for closing down you would repeat that exercise but in reverse order and take the light back from your feet out of our head, closing of all connections and links or you imagine yourself rising above your body, then to close down you would repeat that by bringing yourself down back to your body. If you don't use a method for opening up then you can use the one below for closing down.
Visualization: The Sleeping Bag
Sit with your feet firmly flat on the floor and then imagine that you are zipping yourself in an sleeping bag, zip the bag right over your head until you are completely zipped up. The bag doesn't have to be a sleeping bag you can make the bag anything you like or any colour you like, white is a good colour it contains all colours.
Grounding is what we do to get rid of any energy we may have picked up and be holding on to. It`s nothing more than doing anything other than psychic/spiritual work, something physical, a hobby, gardening, going out with friends, basically taking time out from psychic/spiritual work and having time for yourself. Even and a hot bath/shower can help get rid of any energy we may be holding on to.

So from protection to grounding with those methods above practiced on a daily basis, you should have little or no problems during your time of developing and working on a psychic/spiritual level.