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Psychic & Mediumship Development
Most of us at some point have had something weird or strange happen in our lives, whether it be seeing a full blown vision of a spirit or having a psychic dream or the most common of all knowing that someone is going to phone you before the phone even rings, So how can we develop these skills we already have further? Well first of all we need to understand the differences between a psychic and a medium.

A psychic is someone who has developed the skill of receiving information by using their intuition and/or picking up vibrations by reading the energy around a person or object through various means such as tarot, runes etc and are able to pick up on residual energy to get psychic information. Residual energy is a stored energy such as in the atmosphere, buildings and objects, it's like a recorded energy of all things that have happened in the past rather like a video or tape recording. A good example of reading residual energy is psychometry.

A medium is someone who has developed the skill of receiving information directly from spirit, communicating directly with those who have passed into the world of spirit, although in my experience spirit can intervene during a psychic reading and psychic information can come through while communicating with spirit. The two can be blurred at times.

Secondly we need to look at our own abilities We are all capable of psychic and spiritual development, but because we are all different we will all find our own ways of developing and all have our own unique psychic and spiritual skills, for some we may be good at healing for others a great communicator with spirit. Instead of wasting our time on developing all the psychic and spiritual skills we need to develop and concentrate on what our own unique abilities are. After we have developed these we may find other abilities start to show, Abilities we didn't even know we had. If we try to develop all in one go we will block ourselves, that's why it's best to concentrate on the skill we are good at.

Finally before we go any further, we need to learn about psychic protection, you can read and learn all about it on our psychic protection page.
How To Find Your Natural Psychic & Mediumship Skills
Ok so how do we know what our psychic or spiritual skills are? How do we know which one to concentrate on? You may already know, this is how to find out.

Seeing: If you are a visual person who easily thinks in pictures and whose language is visually orientated, then it is very likely you will be able to receive psychic information visually, for example when asked to describe something you talk about the visual elements, rather than the sounds or smells of the object, then you can easily develop clairvoyance. Clairvoyants may also work in jobs with an artistic element to them, like drawing or painting design etc, you will notice when being given a reading you can normally tell how the psychic is working, they will say things like " I see what you mean"," I see you will be" etc, notice the emphasis on "see"

Hearing: If you are a good listener, or have a good ear for music or notice noise a lot more, auditory people tend to have jobs as musicians, voice work, counsellor, poets, writers, etc again if asked to describe something they will talk in terms of the sounds they heard rather than the visual elements, clairaudients often tend to think in words and loud thoughts kind of like when you mentally talk to yourself, I do this all the time, then you can easily develop clairaudience, which is "clear hearing" clairaudients often work as trance mediums too, transmitting the voice from the spirit of a person, or automatic writing, again you can tell how the psychic is working," I hear the name", "I hear what you're saying" "sounds to me if they are with you" etc.

Feeling: If you tend to respond to life emotionally, you seem to know things, feel things, the gut instinct so to speak, feel peoples emotions and pains, then you can easily develop clairsentience or healing abilities you will often describe something on how it feels rather than how it looks, clairsentients often work as healers too, again you will notice how the psychic is working," I feel it will be 2 weeks when he calls" "I feel you are a little down at the moment" etc.
Although we may have all of these abilities one of these will stand out more than the other, So you need to find which one of these applies to you, the one that seems most strongest to you. Once we have found our skill we can develop it further. If you still have trouble finding the skill which is most strongest then choose the one you would like to develop, although it may take a little longer to develop than your strongest skill.

Very often people who have disabilities such as deafness and blindness will have enhanced sensory awareness in other areas, for example a blind person is more likely to have highly sensitive hearing and a deaf person is likely to have highly developed sight (this also applies the other way around too, a blind person may have highly developed subjective clairvoyance) The same can be found in animals, bats for instants a totally blind and rely on their highly sensitive hearing using sonar to get around more easily.

So now that you know how to find your skills, the next thing is learning to develop them. There are many ways to do this, some people develop at home using websites as sources of information such as this one, some people develop using online chatrooms, but if you can the best way to develop is by joining a develop group at your local spiritualist church. You can read more about this and where to find your nearest church on our spiritualist churches and development circles page.

Another page that would be worth reading before doing anything else would be the spirit world page.
Always use protection before attempting any psychic/spiritual exercises.
Psychic Development Hypnosis
This is a powerful hypnosis session (assuming you follow all my instructions exactly) to help open your natural psychic and mediumistic abilities. The recording uses hypnotic techniques to help achieve this. The running time is approx. 22 minutes. For best results use stereo headphones while laying down in a safe, quiet place at least once a day for the first two weeks, then as required.
Hypnotic Induction Wake Up When You Want To
This is a powerful hypnotic induction (assuming you follow all my instructions exactly) with no wake up, you can wake up when you're ready to do so. Do not worry, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis, you will simply awake when you want to.

After the initial induction (after my voice stops) there are no suggestions, commands or subliminals and thus makes this ideal for deep sleep, stress relief, deep relaxation, fibromyalgia pain management, vivid and lucid dreams or astral projection. In fact this can be used for anything you want. Assuming you're not too deep, you can use your own affirmations, suggestions or commands.