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Clairvoyance literally means "clear sight", a person with developed clairvoyant abilities has a strong sense of inner vision and is able to receive information in the form of visual images or symbols, most clairvoyants receive their information internally, some say it's a bit like having a TV screen in side their heads with images and symbols being shown, as far as symbols go I use tarot a lot so I tend to see symbols as tarot card images, some clairvoyants receive information externally, physically seeing, mainly spirit people and animals.

Clairvoyance is a term that's is often used incorrectly to describe other psychic abilities than just the visual ability to receive and perceive information, such a clairaudience "clear hearing", clairsentience which is the ability to feel spirit or atmospheres. We talk about being able to see into the future and describe psychics as being "seers" or "visionaries" we all have to some degree clairvoyant abilities, images can come in dreams, daydreaming, although maybe not any so called predictions, you still receive images and that is clairvoyance and can be developed by anyone.

If you are a visual person who easily thinks in pictures and whose language is visually orientated, then it is very likely you will be able to receive psychic/spiritual information visually, for example when asked to describe something you talk about the visual elements, rather than the sounds or smells of the object, then you can easily develop clairvoyance. Clairvoyants may also work in jobs with an artistic element to them, like drawing or painting design etc, you will notice when being given a reading you can normally tell how the psychic/medium is working they will say things like " I see what you mean"," I see you will be" etc, notice the emphasis on "SEE"

There two main ways of seeing, subjective clairvoyance, and objective clairvoyance, subjective clairvoyance is the most common this is internal vision inside the minds eye so to speak, where we conjure up pictures on a screen in side our minds we tend to use this when we meditate, visualization, etc and use the brow chakra this is the point between the eyebrows. Objective clairvoyance is where we see physically, you may see spirit of people, animals, lights, shadows etc, some people I've spoken to with this ability, see spirit as solid and in colour and 3 dimensional, in my experience I see the spirit as like a white solid form, and as far as lights go I see them as like a blue twinkle, but we will all perceive this differently, most commonly you may see something out the corner of your eye, a quick flash of light etc.

I will also mention here "Clairoma" the ability to smell psychically/spiritually you may get smells from loved ones for example there favourite perfume, the smell of baking bread, tobacco, and flowers etc. Clairoma seems to be spontaneous but you can develop this to some extent, by attuning your sense of smell, by smelling flowers and spending time in nature.
Developing Clairvoyance
Find a place where you can comfortably relax, you can use candles, aromas whatever makes you comfortable, a place where you won't be disturbed, and sit with back straight and arms and legs uncrossed, you can lay down for this, but I find you may fall asleep, that's why I recommend a chair. This is what I do but you can adjust it so it suits you. I start by focusing on my pulse the beat of my heart and when I find this rhythm I breathe in for 3 beats hold my breathe for 2 beats and breathe for 3 beats then hold for 2 beats, I repeat this until I'm completely relaxed, you will know when you reached this stage, by your body feeling heavy, and a tingling sensation all over.

Then when you're ready imagine your third eye as a real eye in the middle of your forehead but imagine the eye closed visualize the eye lid closed, when you are ready picture your whole forehead bathed in golden light then imagine your third eye opening, see the eye lid rise up, picture it opening like a flower in the sun when you open your third eye notice the colour of the pupil, or paint you favourite colour in, imagine your third eye opening wider, so you can see clearer, stronger and healthier,  at this stage be aware of any feelings , images or sensations you feel, opening your third eye can affect your other psychic senses, so make mental notes of what you perceive, and write anything down after this exercise is complete, to close your third eye just repeat the process, by imagining the eyelid closing again.

If you do this exercise on a regular basis, you will notice a big change in your clairvoyant abilities, don't expect to see things overnight, but with regular sessions of this exercise you notice will a big improvement in a matter of weeks.

Another method to use for developing objective clairvoyance, is to sit completely in a darkened room, open your eyes as wide a you can, after a while you will start to notice a whitish coloured mist swirling around in the dark, this is spirit energy, some may take shape in to a form, maybe a face or a body. It may a take while for you to see any shapes form, but keep trying it does work. This method is also good for long term objective clairvoyance, if you do it on a regular basis, it  makes the eyes more sensitive to light and you will see more during normal daylight.
How To Visualise
I know some of you have a hard time visualising, I was one of those people too, and one of the easiest ways to learn to visualise is to start by using simple shapes and colours, and the best way to do this is by visualising fruit, easily identifiable objects along with their colour.

The best one to start with is an Orange, round shape and orange in colour, close your eyes and imagine you can see an orange in your mind and hold that image for as long as you can, when you feel comfortable with holding it long enough move on to maybe an apple, again a round shape and you practice with 2 colours this time both red and green, once you feel comfortable you can see it clearly enough and hold it for long enough then try a banana.

This method is one I used myself as I used to find it hard to visualise, but that method works well because they are easily identifiable objects and colours, once you have mastered simple objects with your eyes closed then move on to more intricate items.

Once you have mastered visualising with your eyes closed then try to visualise with your eyes open, the best thing to do here is to use a blank wall and try to project the image on to it and visualise it with your eyes open, again start with simple items such as the apple and orange. Not only is this a good exercise in learning how to visualise it can also help with clairvoyance as clairvoyance is image based.
How To See Spirit Energy
We can all see spirit energy if we really want to, because we don't see spirit in the usual expected way like the shape of real people we can often miss actually seeing them. The most common ways spirit present themselves visually is either "A Spirit Light" or "White Mist". A spirit light will often be of a whitish blue colour and are normally spotted out the corner of our eyes, the white mist is just exactly that, white mist, this is what I'm going to teach you to see.

This method has 2 uses, firstly it will enable you to see spirit (white mist) and secondly it will help you to develop objective clairvoyance (physically seeing).
Method One: Seeing the Mist.
This method is best done at night because it needs to be dark to get the full benefit, in bed is ideal. Before you get into bed make sure that all the lights are off and the room is as dark as you can get it.

Next start with a simple protection exercise, if you don't have your own you can get one from the Protection Page. When you have done this open your eyes as wide as you possibly can without too much discomfort and stare up at the ceiling, after a while you will start to see a white mist swirling around, this can be quite frightening at first, but stick with it if you can. You will more than likely start to see shapes and faces within the mist.

If you can do this exercise on a regular basis it will help you to develop your objective clairvoyance (physically seeing), it does this by adjusting your eyes as when your eyes are exposed to darkness the pupils expand to let more light in thus expanding your vision. Don't be surprised if after a few weeks of this you will start to see a lot more.
Method Two: Meeting Your Guide & Loved Ones.
Lay or sit in a comfortable position with a hand mirror then start with a simple protection exercise, if you don't have your own you can get one from the protection page.

Take some deep slow breaths, and calm your whole body, Until you feel relaxed. Try to slow down, becoming so relaxed that your heartbeat slows down, withdraw into yourself yet be aware. You can ask to see whomever you wish, but remember you can't make spirit communicate with you, in the times I've done this I have seen my Great Grandfather, but have mainly seen my guide.

Next take the small hand mirror and stare into it, after a while you will see like a white mist, you may also see your own aura this will be like a white outline around your head and shoulders.. In this exercise we are concerned with the white mist that you will see start to emerge around your face. At this point you may become a little frightened, but try to continue if you can.

After a while this mist will become a face, some people say they do not recognize who they see, but this is normal. When I did it the first time I saw an old man, I can't say for certain he was an Indian, but I felt an Indian presence.

What I always do after this exercise is write everything down, what I felt, what I saw, any smells that came and any noises you may hear. Each time you do this exercise your experiences will be different, but keep notes as I did you can look back at what you experienced.
Closing Off Your Physical Senses
Another method to help with clairvoyance is to use a blind fold, this can shut out any external visual elements, so we have to use our minds to see. Have some one with you and stand in a room with a blind fold on, then try to visualize the room and lets say there's a cup on the dresser imagine the cup and while visualizing try to pick it up, the aim of this is to actually see the room in your minds eye as if you had your eyes open, kind of like a virtual reality thing. The reason you have some one with you is that so you don't bump into anything.
Always use protection before attempting any psychic/spiritual exercises.