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Clairsentience is a term given to psychic or spiritual feeling, the gut instinct and is probably one the of most common and natural types of skills particularly common in women and children, this is a natural thing especially between mother and child. The term 'gut feeling' is quite appropriate with clairsentience as it deals with the solar plexus chakra.

As children we are all quite open intuitively and emotionally, but as we grow older these senses kind of shut down, this also applies to "imaginary friends" we have as children, but more often than not, these imaginary friends are actually spirit people. Adults tend to dismiss this and say to the child "Don't be so silly" "There's no one there" this in turn closes the ability to see and feel spirit.

When using clairsentience we will feel people emotions and pains, the same applies to spirit people when we are in tune on a clairsentient level we will very often feel how the spirit person passed over, if the person passed with a heart condition then we may feel this in our chest area, we may also feel other things from the spirit person, joy, happiness or any other feelings that may be there to aid them in identify themselves.

You should always rule our any medical conditions before assuming anything of psychic or spiritual nature.
Developing Clairsentience
Below is a simple and effective technique for developing clairsentience.

Start by lying down in a place where you won't be disturbed. When you're comfortable and relaxed focus your attention on you breathing feel the rise and fall of your chest and take deep breaths do this for a few minutes, then you will notice your pulse, the beating of your heart, don't panic if you start to feel numb this is normal and part of the exercise. When you feel this numbness concentrate on where it is and start to consciously move it around your body to different areas. Do this for as long as you feel necessary. You may feel tingly, itchy and the feeling of cobwebs on your face or the feeling of a as if there is a fly walking across your forehead, this normal in developing clairsentience.

Some people may experience the cobwebs while outside but we have to take into consideration that there are real cobwebs out side, more so in closed areas such as woodlands, cobwebs can also blow along in the wind and are very hard to see.

This exercise will increase you sensitivity to feelings and you may find after doing this exercise regularly your emotions may get a little unbalanced, for example you may start to cry for no reason. If this occurs use the chakra balancing exercise on the Chakras Page.
Closing Off Your Physical Senses
With this one we use both methods as described on the clairvoyance and clairaudience pages to close off both our sight and sound, so we only have our feeling to go on.
Always use protection before attempting any psychic/spiritual exercises.