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Clairaudience is the term used for psychic and mediumistic hearing abilities and means  "clear hearing". A clairaudient person receives psychic and/or information from spirit in the form of subtle sounds, words or ideas that are perceived and interpreted through the hearing centers of the brain.

There are two main ways to hear clairaudiently, one in it's simplest form and most common is hearing loud thoughts and ideas internally (subjective) just like when we talk to ourselves. The other type is hearing the voices externally (objective) as if the spirit person is actually in the room with you, I've experienced this a few times and is often spontaneous, so when developing Clairaudience don't expect to hear physical voices all the time as you will be disappointed. Some people who develop strong clairaudience can be affected with the day to day noises such as traffic and loud music, sometimes loud sounds can make you feel physically sick.

Many people have a degree of Clairaudience, but do not recognize it as such because like so many other psychic/spiritual abilities it has always been there. We may have always received words, thoughts or sounds of inspiration inside our mind without ever questioning their source and their precise nature. Numerous good ideas may have originated as clairaudient messages or as information perceived through one of our other senses.
Developing Clairaudience
Below is a simple and effective technique for developing clairaudience.

Turn on your radio and tune it in so you can hear like a hissing sound, this is known as white noise. It's best if you have headphones for this. You don't have to do anything with this apart from just listen, you may find it uncomfortable to start with, but if you can stick with it, this will help tune to ears in to higher frequencies. While doing this exercise you may hear whispering voices, when I do this I used to hear children laughing and playing.

If you do this exercise 15 minutes a day for about two weeks you will notice a big improvement in your hearing abilities and don't be surprised if in the middle of the night if you hear someone call your name, do not worry about this, you are just starting to hear spirit. You may find you start to hear a buzzing, ringing in your ears and strange taps and clicks, this is normal when developing clairaudience. Although you should rule out tinnitus before assuming clairaudience.

You don't need to have the white noise too loud, just soft. Also listening to the sounds of the sea, streams and the wind in the trees can help. Other methods that will help are, spending time in nature and listening to the sounds around you, Psychometry and listening to classical music.

Another method you can try is visualising a radio and tuning in the dial until you can hear something, once you hear something then try to keep tuned in, this is a good way to also practice keeping hold of a spirits vibration when passing on messages for others.
Closing Off Your Physical Senses
Again this is a similar method to the blind fold method to help develop clairvoyance except this time we need to shut of our external hearing, you can use cotton wool or a good pair of ear protectors like they use in factory's. With our real hearing shut off in this way it will bring our psychic/internal hearing into play.
Always use protection before attempting any psychic/spiritual exercises.